Taking a break from completing what Mocky is calling his “classical opus” set for release sometime next year, Mocky drops a little sunshine on us with “Feeling Like I Like“ featuring Liliana Andrade on his own Heavy Sheet Label, opening the vaults to his expansive secret catalogue of unreleased music.
This is part one of his new series, that will take the classic single format of an “A side” vocal collaboration along with its “B-side” extended instrumental. Mocky started working on the chunky throwback banger by recording drums at the iconic Revival Studios in L.A. that Earth Wind And Fire once called home, and he then took it halfway around the world to Portugal where he met the singer Liliana Andrade and they began working together during his sabbatical in Lisbon.



10 year anniversary re-master!
First time ever on vinyl (180g)!
Limited edition of 1000 units!
Including Digital Download!
Including exclusive bonus 7” featuring GZA, Vulfpeck & Chilly Gonzales!

Tracklist LP
A1 Music To My Ears, A2 Little Journey, A3 Birds Of A Feather, A4 Golden Dream, A5 Chubby Cheeks, A6 Guiding Light, B1 Saskamodie, B2 Somehow Someway, B3 Jiinti, B4 Music To My Ears (Reprise), B5 Sleepy Time, B6 For Pepecito

Trackist 7”
A1 Birds Of A Feather (Single Edit), A2 Guiding Light (Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano Version), B1 Birds Of A Feather (Vulfpeck Version),B2 Birds Of A Feather (Remix feat. GZA)


Mocky had the honour to write, produce and record 2 hours of original score music for the japanese anime “Carole & Tuesday”, directed by the legend Shinichirō Watanabe (“Cowboy Bebop”). The anime features songs by Thundercat, Flying Lotus , Benny Sings and many other great artists – on Netflix worldwide now here 


So excited to go back to Japan in march/april !!!


info: http://windbelljournal.blogspot.com/


03.20 (wed) TOKYO
venue : LIQUIDROOM www.liquidroom.net
MOCKY / Ahh! Folly Jet / Ryu Tsuruoka
open 18:00 start 19:00
Adv 4,500 jpy

03.21(Thu/public holiday) TSUKUBA
venue : LIVE HOUSE FROG frogtsukuba.jp/
open18:00 start 19:00
Adv 4500 jpy Door 5000 jpy
info : PEOPLE BOOKSTORE people-maga-zine.blogspot.com/

03.23 (Sat) TOKYO
venue : WWW X www-shibuya.jp
open 17:00 start 18:00
Adv 5500 jpy Door 6000 jpy
infoWINDBELL / WWW / zelone records
Shintaro Sakamoto zelonerecords.com
Shitaro Sakamoto (Vocal & Guitar) / AYA (Bass & Chorus) /
Yuta Suganuma (Drums & Chorus) / Tetsu Nishiuchi (Sax & Flute)

03.24 (Sun) KANAZAWA
venue : MANIER www.manier.co.jp/
open 17:00  start 18:30
Adv 4500 jpy  Door 5000 jpy
info : Tabisuruongaku tabisuru-ongaku.com/

03.25 (Mon) NAGOYA
venue : Live & Lounge Vio www.liveandloungevio.com
open 19:00  start 20:00
Adv 4500 jpy Door 5500 jpy
info : Pigeon Records pigeon-records.jp

03.26 (Tue) KYOTO
venue : METRO www.metro.ne.jp
open 19:30 start 20:00
Adv 4500 jpy Door 5000 jpy
info : METRO

03.28 (Thu) OKAYAMA
venue : Inryoji  www.facebook.com/蔭凉寺-296590397054722/
open 19:00 start 19:30
Adv 5000 jpy Door 5500 jpy
info : moderado music  moderado.jugem.jp/

03.29 (Fri) HIROSHIMA
venue : Club Quattro www.club-quattro.com/hiroshima
open 19:00 start 20:00
Adv 5000 jpy Door 5500 jpy
info : NORENMUZIC  www.facebook.com/norenmuzic

03.30 (Sat) KUMAMOTO
venue : Hayakawasouko  ja-jp.facebook.com/hayakawasouko
open 19:00 start 20:00
Adv 4500 jpy Door 5000 jpy
info : Tabisuruongaku tabisuru-ongaku.com/

03.31 (Sun) FUKUOKA
venue : rooms  saito-kikaku.co.jp/rooms/
open 17:30  start 18:30
Adv 4500 jpy Door 5000 jpy
info : Tabisuruongaku tabisuru-ongaku.com/

04.02 (Tue) OSAKA
venue : Shangrila www.shan-gri-la.jp/
open 19:00  start 20:00
Adv 4500 jpy Door 5000 jpy
infoCow and Mouse www.cowandmouse.info/


A Day at United. The name practically says it all. An album recorded in a single day. No rehearsals. No second takes. Just Mocky and friends. Some instruments. Some songs Mocky sketched in the week leading up. Oh yeah, and a recording studio. United Recording, in fact. The legendary independent studio, financed by Sinatra among others. A refuge for artists seeking more control. Or maybe ‘less interference’ is a better way to put it. Because this is not an album about control. It’s about putting certain conditions in place — creative limitations, even — then letting go. Letting the magic happen. Letting the human happen. In an age of computer-led precision, this is an album about the struggle for imperfection.


Mocky – Drums and Compositions 

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Viola 

Randal Fisher – Tenor Sax and Flute 

Joey Dosik – Alto Sax and Flute 

Aponte Poro – Congas and Percussion 

Nia Andrews – Vocals and Percussion 

Lucky Paul – Percussion and Electronics 

Deron Johnson – Piano and Rhodes 

Mark De Clive-Lowe – Keyboards and Synths

Harry Foster – Nylon String Guitar and Vocals 

Brandon Eugene Owens – Acoustic Bass

GET VINYL/CD here worldwide!




For the first time on vinyl at album length this is Mocky’s collection of the best of Japan-only/unreleased gems and favorites from his so far digital only mixtape-series “The Moxtapes” Vol. I-IV. The A-Side delves deep into his songwriting/lyrical side and features some of his most intense and touching songs thus far like “The Fortress” (featuring Chilly Gonzales on piano), “Problematic” (which casts Mocky’s crooning in a glitched-out new light) and “Exception To The Rule”, a radiant track that features breakout artists Joey Dosik on keyboards and Moses Sumney on background vocals. The B-Side showcases Mocky’s off the grid soulful groove compositions like “You Can’t Rush The Funk”, „How It Goes“ or “Keep Feelin This (feat. Jamie Lidell), bringing back memories of their classic work together on Lidell’s “Multiply”.

„A sun kissed celebration of music in it’s most inspired state“ (Saint Heron on „The Moxtape Vol. III“)
„Precisely the clap-happy, sun-kissed poolside score you’ve been waiting for to usher in these warmer months“ (OK Player on „Keep Feelin This (feat. Jamie Lidell)
„A timeless collection that is necessary in the age of trap beats“ (Huffington Post on „Living Time (The Moxtape Vol. II“)

or stream and download 


Happy to announce the release of the new Moxtape Vol. IV “How To Hit What And How Hard”
Comes in 3 different configurations, the 6 song EP version, the 12 song japanese version and the free to sample “unpacked” version with 174 .wav files of all instrumental parts of 6 songs ready to get sampled for your new music. Check the 6 song version out on your favourite platform like ITUNES or SPOTIFY or get all versions exclusively directly from me HERE


Mocky returns to Berlin and Hamburg for 2 shows this summer to present his new release “How To Hit What And How Hard (The Moxtape Vol. IV)”

August 11th, Berlin/Prinz Charles TICKETS

August 12th, Hamburg/Kampnagel KMH TICKETS


Mocky returns to Japan with his band featuring Joey Dosik and Nia Andrews to celebrate the release of “The Moxtape Vol. III”


MAY 26 ( Thu ) / Kumamoto / Hayakawasouko 
open 19:00 start 20:00

MAY 27 ( Fri ) / Fukuoka / Rooms
open 19:00 start 20:00

MAY 28 ( Sat ) / Hiroshima / Yokogawa Cinema
open 18:00 start 19:00

MAY 29 ( Sun ) Okayama / Johnbull Private Labo Okayama
open 15:00 start 16:00

MAY 30 ( Mon ) Nagoya / Live & Lounge Vio
open 19:00 start 20:00

MAY 31 ( Tue ) Osaka / Shangrila
open 19:00 start 20:00

JUNE 1 ( Wed ) Tokyo / Liquid Room
open 18:30 start 19:30

JUNE 3 ( Fri ) Tokyo / WWW
open 18:30 start 19:30



Finally Mocky is on tour again to present Key Change live!

01.10.2015 JP Tokyo-Liquid Room
02.10.2015 JP Osaka-Conpass
03.10.2015 JP Kumamoto-Hayakawasouko
04.10.2015 JP Kobe-Xebec Hall
06.10.2015 JP Kyoto-Urbanguild
07.102015 JP Tokyo-WWW
21.10.2015 D München-Rote Sonne Tickets
22.10.2015 D Frankfurt-St Peter Cafe Tickets
24.10.2015 NL Rotterdam-Bird Tickets 
25.10.2015 NL Amsterdam-Bitterzoet Tickets 
26.10.2015 D Leipzig-Werk 2 Tickets
27.10.2015 D Berlin-Watergate Tickets 
30.10.2015 D Hamburg-Überjazz Tickets