A Day at United. The name practically says it all. An album recorded in a single day. No rehearsals. No second takes. Just Mocky and friends. Some instruments. Some songs Mocky sketched in the week leading up. Oh yeah, and a recording studio. United Recording, in fact. The legendary independent studio, financed by Sinatra among others. A refuge for artists seeking more control. Or maybe ‘less interference’ is a better way to put it. Because this is not an album about control. It’s about putting certain conditions in place — creative limitations, even — then letting go. Letting the magic happen. Letting the human happen. In an age of computer-led precision, this is an album about the struggle for imperfection.


Mocky – Drums and Compositions 

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Viola 

Randal Fisher – Tenor Sax and Flute 

Joey Dosik – Alto Sax and Flute 

Aponte Poro – Congas and Percussion 

Nia Andrews – Vocals and Percussion 

Lucky Paul – Percussion and Electronics 

Deron Johnson – Piano and Rhodes 

Mark De Clive-Lowe – Keyboards and Synths

Harry Foster – Nylon String Guitar and Vocals 

Brandon Eugene Owens – Acoustic Bass

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